Thank you for HELPING US bring IT Workforce Training to Baltimore Youth.

FOCUS actively work to provide affordable IT computer training to communities that typically can not afford the high cost of computer training. do not increase the diversity in tech numbers. Collectively, the current staff have spent their careers (over 30 years) in positions that provide mentorship and IT guidance to youth and young adults.

FOCUS IT Training student examine computer

We have partnered with CompTIA, the leading provider of IT certification training in the world, to train and prepare our students for a career as IT professionals. The training is the preferred qualifying credential companies look at when hiring IT support professionals for their companies.

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Your gift(s) you will help FOCUS provide IT computer training …increase the diversity in tech numbers in a meaningful and impactful way. Our graduates will move from minimum wage earners to professional salaried employees.

Your donation will help change the diverse workforce statistics for IT professionals from 1% – 2% today to a more substantial inclusive number in the near future.

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